As people are now going back to the office to work, now is the best time to have your office deep cleaned.

We charge an hourly rate of $25.00/hr per custodian depending on the square footage of your space. Your office will be deep cleaned from floors to fixtures and all of your hard surface furniture.

If you have office space, you must keep it clean. You need to make sure your office looks and feels professional. Your employees deserve to have a safe and clean place to work. You also want to make sure your clients or potential clients feel comfortable in your office too. Liles Cleaners & Janitorial Services LLC can provide you with professional office cleaning services today.

Liles Cleaners & Janitorial Services LLC professionals have been working with local businesses to deliver the best rates, reliability, and customer care with our janitorial services. With years of training and experience, our staff is highly qualified and will ensure that your offices are spotless, safe, and ready for the day. You can trust our janitorial services to respect your company's privacy, while also keeping your office clean, healthy, and organized. Give us a call today!